The La Posta Compound, originally dating back to the 1840’s, is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. The building is Territorial Style with a zaguan leading into a patio now used as a lobby for the restaurant and displays tropical plants, birds and fish for all to see.

Constructed primarily of adobe bricks, the north and west sides of the building have doors and windows retaining the Greek revival pediments so typical of Territorial style. The west wall still retains the parapet topped by a broad space where the Corn Exchange Hotel sign once was proudly displayed in the 1870’s!

If These Walls Could Talk…

Back in the 1840’s the La Posta Compound was a group of closely located adobe buildings that became connected over time. In fact, both our Lobby and Lava Room, which are enclosed today, were once open-air areas that connected these buildings. Select the images below to find brief descriptions of our Lobby and dining rooms with a little glimpse as to how they existed in years past.


La Posta de Mesilla
2410 Calle De San Albino Mesilla, NM 88046
(575) 524-3524