La Posta Timeline

  • 1865
    Corn Exchange  

    1865 - Corn Exchange Hotel

    Corn Exchange

    The Corn Exchange Hotel was operated by John and Augustine Davis, who served some of the finest food in the territory. Notables who dined here included Kit Carson, Billy the Kid, Pancho Villa and President Ullyses S. Grant (twice).

  • 1900

    1900-1930 - Rooms for Rent

    George Griggs buys the Corn Exchange compound and rents rooms to various businesses in Mesilla.

  • 1939

    1939 - Love and Affection

    George Griggs agrees to sell one room in the compound to his niece, Katy, for “$1.00 and Love and Affection.” Katy decides to open a restaurant but can’t decide on a name just yet.


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