Farm to table

As a proud member of the Mesilla Valley community for almost a century, La Posta de Mesilla is dedicated to using as many locally grown and produced ingredients as possible. Not only do we support our own friends and farmers, but we also think our mexican cuisine tastes better because of these “local” relationships! Below is just a handful of some of the ingredients we source from local suppliers.


Chavez Farms

Ophelia Chavez, owner and operator of Chavez Farms, just five short miles north of La Posta, has been providing La Posta de Mesilla our signature red chile and jalapenos for over 50 years. We’ve become famous for our red chile dishes, and much of that fame is due to the pride and TLC that Ms. Chavez takes in providing us with quality, sun-dried, red chile. The secret to our spicy salsa is Chavez Farms jalapenos!


Young Guns Produce, Inc.

Young Guns Produce, Inc. is a family owned chile and produce growing and production company located in Hatch, NM. They have been growing green chile in the Mesilla Valley since 1930 and are now one of the largest suppliers of fresh Hatch Green Chile to retail outlets nationwide. Young Guns supplies fire-roasted, diced Hatch Green Chile that we use in many of our popular dishes.


Mesilla Valley
Grown Pecans

We proudly use Mesilla Valley pecans in our Mesilla Valley Pecan Pancakes and our famous Mesilla Valley Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita that is rimmed with local honey, green chile salt, and the world’s best crushed pecans. The Mesilla Valley is home to some of the world’s largest producers of pecans including Stahmann and Salopek Farms.


The Truck Farm
Cannon’s Sweet Hots

Cleda and Jim Hawman began The Truck Farm west of Las Cruces by growing blackberries and producing a local line of jams, jellies and other fruit-based products. They then branched out into chile-based products, like the Tia-Rita line of dishes. In 2000, they developed Besito Caliente, a blackberry and habenero-based syrup we use in our delicious signature Chile ‘Rita’s. You can purchase Truck Farm products in our La Posta Chile Shop!



Roberto Estrada is an icon in Las Cruces, NM. A life-long resident, he created the annual, local festival known as The Whole Enchilada Fiesta and has been a community leader for decades. Aside from his popular restaurant, Roberto’s, he also has a local food processing company that makes the fresh, delicious corn and flour tortillas we use in our world famous enchiladas and Mexican cuisine!


B’s New Mexico
Honey Farm

For decades, we purchased our pure, raw, direct from the bee hives honey from Clayshulte Farms, just down the road from La Posta. When the Clayshultes retired, they sold their local honey to B’s New Mexico Honey Farm, located in Albuquerque, NM, who continues to produce only pure, raw and organic honey. Since 1991 B’s has been sourcing honey from throughout the state. The honey we serve with our delectable sopapillas comes from the flowers of the Mesilla Valley.


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