Elisa “Lecha” Carnero GallegosJune 17, 1938* - July 20, 2018+

    Elisa Carnero Gallegos, one of seven children, grew up in Chihuahua, Mexico and immigrated to the United States in 1964.

    She has worked at La Posta de Mesilla for over 45 years! Elisa, more lovingly referred to as simply “Lecha”, began her career with La Posta on July 16, 1968. She joined the La Posta team by working on the kitchen “line” – providing our customers with a variety of delicious Mexican food plates prepared with the valley’s finest green and red chile! Lecha has been a very dedicated and versatile model employee and has performed a variety of duties including preparing desserts in the pantry; preparing our famous “rolled” tacos by the thousands; and general supervisory duties. Lecha considers La Posta her second home and states she is happy when she is at work! She is currently our reigning “martriarch” and is respected and loved by all at La Posta.

    Lecha has many fond memories of La Posta’s foundress, “Katy”. About Katy, Lecha reminices, “Katy was happy all the time. Katy made people laugh. Katy was positive, and caring but boy did she have a sailor’s mouth!” Lecha, was also a caregiver to Katy during her last days—a time she cherishes and remembers well.