Francisca “Panchita” Flores April 12, 1915* – April 15, 2006+

    Panchita Flores was the head cook at La Posta from 1972 to 2006.

    Born in Ft. Worth, TX in 1915 she spent much of her early years in Mexico. At La Posta, Panchita’s domain was a small quiet kitchen at the rear of the restaurant where she prepared food from century-old recipes handed down from the Chavez, Fountain and Griggs Family. Among her favorites (and our customers as well!) were her salsa and red chile.

    With a staff of three, Panchita prepared enough food to accommodate 600 to 1000 customers a day.In spite of her age (91) and many years on the job, Panchita continued to put in a 5-day workweek until health issues caused her to retire. Her work ethic and reliability were second to none. She was simply a model employee and person. During her tenure, management sought Panchita’s advice and counsel on a variety of issues including menu changes, additions and facility modifications. Panchita’s work ethic and commitment was recognized in several publications over the years including issues of Gateway and Sabroso Magazines. It’s because of dedicated staff like Panchita Flores, that La Posta de Mesilla has gained worldwide notoriety as one of the finest Mexican Food Restaurants in the Southwest.