Red Enchiladas

Stacked or pancake-style enchiladas are a New Mexico favorite and one of La Posta’s most popular dishes. In 1939 our original owner, Katy Griggs Camúñez, started her little “chile joint” on the corner of the Historic Mesilla Plaza in an 1840’ adobe building where we still serve generations of families and friends. La Posta’s red enchilada still uses sun dried Mesilla Valley & Hatch red chile pods direct from our local farmers. Katy was “farm to table” before the phrase was coined! Now we are happy to bring you our La Posta Red Chile Sauce that simplifies this age-old recipe saving you time to enjoy family, friends, and the finer things in life. 
Prep Time 18 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Servings 4


  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 16 oz. La Posta Red Chile Sauce  jar
  • 12 corn tortillas 6-inch 
  • 2 cups  iceberg lettuce shredded
  • 3 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese divided
  • 1 large tomato chopped for garnish
  • ½ cup chopped white or yellow onion


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Set aside 1 cup of grated cheese for garnish. 
  • In a medium skillet, add oil and heat on high for 1 minute or until oil bubbles. Using tongs, carefully dip each tortilla into the oil, turning once, until the tortilla bubbles and is heated through, about 10 seconds per side. Transfer to paper towels to drain. Repeat with remaining tortillas. 
  • In a medium saucepan over medium heat, warm La Posta Red Chile Sauce. Place tortillas one at a time in sauce pan, and using a slotted spatula, pull tortilla out of sauce and transfer to plate. Place tortillas on four individual plates. Top each tortilla with about 1 oz. of grated cheese and about 1 tablespoon of chopped onion. 
  • Repeat with remaining tortillas, cheese, and onion. Each plate should have a three-layer stack. Top each stack with the remaining cup of cheese and remaining chile sauce, divided evenly among each serving. 
  • Bake each stacked plate in oven for 2-3 minutes or until cheese is melted. Caution when removing hot plates from oven. Garnish each plate, along the side, with equal amounts of lettuce and chopped tomato.


Our red enchiladas are traditionally topped with a fried egg or egg cooked “your way”!
For “meaty” stacked Enchiladas, add 12 oz. ground beef, cooked, and crumbled, or 12 oz. pork, cooked & cubed to each plate, divided evenly, after the second layer. Finish stacking with the last tortilla.