La Posta

Salsa ‘Rita

A creative “mexology” blend of our legendary chips & salsa-youwill love our Salsa Rita! Made with our signature barrel Patron Añejo 100% agave tequila, agave nectar, fresh squeezed lime juice & just the right amount of salsa. Rimmed with a crushing of our famous chips-this martini-style margarita is flaming good.


Horny ‘Rita

Hand shaken margarita made with Sauza Hornitos 100% Agave Tequila, Patron Citrónge, Agave Nectar and freshly squeezed lime juice. Smile when asking for this!

La Posta ‘Rita

Our classic La Posta house margarita served salted in a grande mug. Served on the rocks or frozen. Tequila, Limes & Good Times!

Blood Orange ”Silver Coin”

Enjoy this classic Silver Coin margarita that the House of Herradura originated and La Posta’s Tequileria is sure to make “famous”! A tasty blend of Herradura Silver 100% agave tequila, Cointreau, agave nectar, fresh squeezed lime juice and Blood Orange puree takes this silver coin to new heights! Served up in a martini glass.

Prickley Pear Margarita

A very cool drink for the hot southwest. Jose Cuervo Traditional Silver, fresh lime juice, a dash of Patron Citrónge and prickly pear cactus make this drink awesome!

Cerveza `Rita

Choice of mini Corona or mini Dos Equis Lager mexican beer immersed bottle and all into a La Posta ‘Rita! Fiesta in a glass!

Herradura Express

Featuring La Posta de Mesilla Herradura Private Reserve Double Barrel Reposado, premium Cointreau liqueur and fresh lime juice make this the perfect “express” to catch. Served “up” in a sugar rimmed martini glass with a twist of lemon for a fresh zest! Made only for the Margarita “purist” who enjoys the unadulterated premium tequila forward taste!

Skinny Margarita (AKA “Flaca”)

Casamigos Reposado Tequila, agave nectar & freshly muddled limes. Served on the rocks in a chilled mug.

Coco Loco Margarita

1800 Coconut Flavored Tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, agave nectar and pineapple juice. Celebrate this tropical margarita rimmed with toasted coconut! Capture the island spirit!

Margarita MINi flight

La Patrona, Chile Rita, Coco Loco Margarita, Blood Orange “Silver Coin”

La Posta “Bloody Maria”

100% Agave Tequila, and our very own La Posta salsa make this a great and spicy “Bloody Maria”. Not for wimps!


Chile ‘Rita

An exotic blend of “Besito Caliente” blackberry/habanero sauce, lime juice, Hornitos 100% Agave Reposado Tequila & Patron Citrónge. Served on the rocks in a hand-blown “chile” stem glass. Hot stuff for cool people!


My Tequila ‘Rita

We will make your personal ultimate top-shelf margarita, hand crafted in our La Posta shaker with Patron Citrónge, a splash of Grand Marnier, agave nectar, and freshly squeezed lime juice. Tequila selection & pricing vary.

La Patrona

La Patrona

Made with La Posta’s Signature Patron Añejo Barrel Select Tequila, Patron Citrónge, and freshly squeezed lime juice. For the true connoisseurs of fine tequila and a real margarita made the old fashioned way! The best of Old Mexico. Served only on the rocks!

Lucky Horseshoe

Roll the dice and get “Lucky” with this awesome and delightfully fresh margarita. Features our signature Herradura Private Reserve Double Barrel Reposado tequila, Grand Marnier, organic agave nectar, and fresh lime juice! A float of fresh squeezed orange juice tops this delightful margarita.

Specialty Margaritas on tap

Enjoy 100% Agave Silver Tequila specialty margaritas on Tap. Flavors vary from Watermelon, Hibiscus, to Mango and other tasty creations! Ask your server for “What Marg is on Tap”! Always refreshing! Frozen & on the rocks!

Smoked Agave

Where else but at La Posta can you savor the smoking innovation of Jose Cuervo Tradicional100% Agave Silver Tequila, fresh lime juice and agave nectar with a float of Del Maguey Mezcal. Smokey, earthy and oh so bold!

El Classico

Hand shaken and made with classic ingredients – 1800 Reposado Tequila, Patron Citrónge, and freshly squeezed lime juice. This is a “real” margarita – made for the person who appreciates the taste of great Tequila! Served only on the rocks!

El Classico Grande

The same great margarita as El Classico, only this one is made with premium “Grand Marnier” instead of Patron Citrónge! Served only on the rocks!

Market Fresh Organic

Organic and fresh! A refreshing blend of organic Casa Noble – La Posta Barrel Select Reposado tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice, muddled with cucumber slices, organic agave nectar and dill!

La Pinta ‘Rita

An exquisite blend of La Pinta Pomegranate Infused Tequila, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, agave nectar and fresh lime juice. Shaken and served up in a martini glass! Awesome flavors! Salud!


Chill out with Dos Equis Lager over ice and spiked with a shot of lime juice. Refreshing, refreshing!


Our very own Piña Colada but with a Tequila Bang. Made with Tequila, real pineapple juice, half‘n half cream, and authentic Coco Lopez coconut cream! Delicios0!

Mesilla Mimosa

Featuring New Mexico’s own Gruet Brut Champagne, cranberry and orange juice make this melody a
real treat! Celebrate life!

Mexican Burro

Your Choice of Herradura or Casamigos Blanco 100% agave tequila awakened with a blend of Stoli Ginger Beer, fresh lime juice & muddled mint leaves make this “Burro” refreshing with an effervescent “kick”…yee hah!!

Sangria ‘Rita

A delicious marbling of our fruity sangria and a frozen La Posta ‘Rita’ make this an unbelievable refreshing winner!

Mesilla Valley


An adventurous blend of Jose Cuervo Tradicional
100% Agave Silver Tequila, muddled cucumber slices
and jalapeños, fresh lime juice and agave nectar.
Served in a chile margarita glass deliciously rimmed
with local honey, crushed pecans & green chile salt.
Viva La ‘Rita!


Beer, Wine & Spirits


Cerveza Mexicana

• Tecate • Bohemia • Carta Blanca • Pacifico • Sol • Negra Modelo
• Dos Equis Amber or Lager • Corona/Corona Premier • Modelo Especial

On Draught

• Negra Modelo • Tecate • Bud Light • Dos Equis Lager
• Monks Ale • 1888 Aggie Ale

American Beer

• Coors Light • Budweiser/Bud Light • Michelob Ultra
• Happy Camper IPA • Miller Light


la posta Wines

• Tinto Red Blend • Fazzio Malbec

Mondavi Woodbridge Wines

• Chardonnay • Moscato • Merlot • Pinot Grigio • Cabernet

Sangria Or Sangria Cooler

A flavorful burst of sangria, peach schnapps, muddled orange slice and maraschino cherry. Fruity fun, Ole!


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