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In 1996, my husband, Tom, and I acquired the famed La Posta de Mesilla Restaurant from the estate of my great aunt, Katy Camúñez Meeks. At the request of her family, friends and customers – Katy produced this little “gem of a cookbook” in 1971. Unfortunately we ran out of the original few copies of Katy’s Cook Book that we had, and as luck would have it – the printer had no backup or record of this collector’s treasure. Since then, the La Posta Cookbook continues to be the most requested item in our Gift Shop. For several years, we considered printing a new, improved version to include updated recipes, content and colored pictures. But in the end, we recognized just how special the original Cook Book was and is to so many loyal patrons of the La Posta Family over the past 80 years. So what you have in this reprinted version of the 1971 La Posta Cook Book, is Katy’s forward in her own words, her editor, Paul Rader’s, editorial thoughts, her recollection of La Posta and Mesilla’s history, the beautiful black and white sketches by our beloved, renown, local artist Carolyn Bunch depicting Mesilla and La Posta’s many rooms, and of course, her simple versions of the century old recipes that have been the culinary foundation of her famed restaurant since 1939. We hope you appreciate this wonderful old Cook Book and the legacy of Katy’s little chile joint as much as we do.

Salud – Buen Provecho!
Jerean Camúñez Hutchinson

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